1. Hello

A photo of you, perhaps in your workspace or with your pet/partner/family or in your favourite corner of your home. Be relaxed and introduce yourself, your background, how you began your business,
where you’re from and where you are now. Anything that helps your followers/customers get to know you.

2. Relaxing with a cuppa

Where do you relax? A favourite armchair, in bed or by the sea/in a forest/on the allotment. Perhaps a video of you enjoying your relaxing cuppa telling people what your favourite beverage is, what else do you
do to relax with your cuppa? Reading perhaps, sketching or cloud watching.

3. Things that make me smile

What makes you happy to look at, to hold, to carry. Is it a favourite view, a pet, the antics of your child/children or a favourite book/film. Could it be looking at old photos, or a sentimental object that has happy memories. You choose.

4. View from your/an outside space

Whatever the weather there is always something to look out at. Be it the trees in your neighbours garden, or the view from your favourite hill. What view interests you and why. Share the reason why you chose that

5. Mug

Everyone has at least one favourite mug, sometimes more! Where did you get it from, who made it, why is it your favourite. Is it kept for special drinks and particular times of the day? If you’ve got more than one
favourite do a little display and tag in the makers.

6. Old object

There is always something that you’ve kept, maybe it’s been passed on from generation to generation, or perhaps it’s something you bought from a car boot! What old object do you have that will always be special to you and why?

7. Where I get outside

Is it your garden, a balcony, the allotment or the local park. At this time it is so important to have somewhere outside to escape to for an hour – what’s yours? What makes it special, give us a guided tour.

8. My Work Space

Your work space could be a huge studio or the desk in the corner of the lounge, it could be your dining room table. Show us your space.

9. Must-haves to get through my working day

Sometimes you need a little boost to help you get through the day, what do you do? Do you have a routine of yoga or an addiction for strong coffee? Do you pamper yourself at lunchtime? Or go for a walk before work?

10. Shelfie

Pick a shelf that holds things you love, it could be books, keepsakes or the bathroom shelf full of bubble bath products! Are there items on your shelf that you’ve bought from a fellow maker, or books from a local bookshop, inherited items or things that are just there for fun.

11. Favourite materials to use

What is your favourite material you use to make your products? It could be particular watercolours or trim, it could be printing ink or essential oils… but it has to be your favourite. Why is it your favourite, does it give your products an edge because you use it?

12. My Favourite Tool

The world of tools is your oyster! It could be a particular brush, a printing press, a pair of scissors or a digital drawing pad. What makes it so special, where did you get it, is it the tool that you use everyday, how does it help you in your business?

13. Outside Inspiration

Are you a rural idyll lover or an urban city chick? What gives you inspiration for your work? It could be the landscape, the wildlife or the buildings in your neighbourhood. It could be the allotment where organic vegetables are grown or the pebbles you pick up at the beach. It could be patterns you see in brick walls and rusting iron… !

14. What would your dream purchase be from another maker?

It’s St Valentine’s Day so time to hypothetically treat yourself. This could be a ‘money no object’ kind of dream purchase or an item you’re willing to save up for. Who makes the dream item, what is so amazing about the item and the maker? You could do a favourites grid if one item/one maker is too limiting and tag the makers.

15. Local high street businesses you love

Share the love for your local highstreet. Remember to mention the businesses that may not be open at the moment. Why do you use them, what makes them so special and what do they sell?

16. Sentimental object

Some of us have loads of sentimental items, perhaps from our childhoods or given to us by a family member. It could be something that you bought to remember a special day or holiday. What is it and what makes it special?

17. Reel of an everyday process

Instagram Reels are a great way to video your process, have a go at one aspect of what you do, make it fun.

18. Favourite thing you pass on your walk or drive

When we walk or drive our usual journeys we pass things that we like, they become favourite features to look forward to seeing. What is that favourite thing you pass, it could be a tree stump that looks like someone famous, or a house that always looks welcoming.

19. Found object

If you are a beachcomber this will be a sinch! Shells/driftwood/bits of plastic….. It could be something you dug up in the garden or was hidden in the far corner of the loft!

20. Object that inspires me

The object could be literally anything. It could be a piece of fabric or an amazing painting. It could be a pinboard of postcards or a scrapbook of ideas, or it could be a saying that you’ve got on your fridge door. How does it inspire you?

21. Organising tips

All of us that create have oodles of ideas on how to make our workspaces work better for us. Perhaps you’ve got a unique way of storing paper/pencils/wool. What organisation tips do you have. Share them!

22. Something old and something new

Do you have an old tool you would never throw out, and a new tool that has proved it’s worth? Have you got a process that you’ve been doing for years and a new way of doing something that has made your working life a doddle? What’s your old favourite and the new how-did-I-live-without-it thing! Perhaps show them in action, or side by side.

23. Furry friend

Not everyone has a pet but you might have a childhood teddy – what is your non-pet furry friend, where does it come from, why is it special? For those that have living panting furry (or feathery) friends… lets see them, what are their names and how do they enhance your life? Any funny stories about them?

24. A new skill/craft you’d like to learn?

Some people want to learn another language. Others the latest digital whizzy clever thing. It might be an enhancement to the amazing skills and talents you use already. Whatever it is, tell us what it is and why you want to do it? If it’s a fellow makers workshop tag them.

25. Recipe

If you’re an avid cook you’ll have loads of favourite recipes, if not you’ll have perhaps one that is the go-to for a comforting tea. It could be the cake that is the one everybody wants you to bring to a party, or it could be the special soup you make when it’s raining. What’s the recipe – perhaps a step-by-step with process shots or an illustration of the end result!

26. Wall art – how do you display your pictures

Do you have a wall of pictures, are they grouped together above the sofa or climbing the stairs, are they on picture shelves or all in the same coloured frames? Let’s see what you like to display on your walls…. Tag artists and creators. If you’ve got your own work don’t forget to do a product link.

27. Inspirational items in my workspace

Our workspaces reflect our character and most creatives have a multitude of items to spark ideas off and to make them smile. What item/s inspires you the most? Don’t forget to tag makers and businesses.

28. Favourite thing to make?

It’s the last day – goodness me! So let’s go out with a bang and share our favourite make. Is it your favourite because it’s your best seller or is it because it’s a bespoke item which is different every time you make it? This is where you can really share your product and promote your website/Etsy shop fully, promote your newsletter and mailing list. Thank everyone for joining you on your February Makers at Home journey.

The prompts and guidance are there to spark ideas and ways of communicating with your followers. Could some of the posts be videos or grid posts? Could the grid post be backed up in Stories? Perhaps link Instagram with your Facebook business page so every post is on both platforms. And don’t forget Twitter! Perhaps save all your stories so there is a full catalogue of your Makers At Home 2021 postings. Use IGTV for long videos, or do a Tik Tok video and stream it on Instagram.

Vary your posts and always be genuine in what you write, be you! Try to create opportunities for conversation and connections with your followers and other makers, spread the love far and wide. Tag businesses and fellow makers wherever possible. Refer followers to your selling page, if possible link your products direct so buying is made easier.

Use hashtags that are relevant, and try to use as many as possible. Look at your successful posts and see what hashtags were useful, or look at other makers posts to see what hashtags work for them. NB: Always use #makersathome2021 If there are some prompts you don’t do don’t fret, this is your journey. Just make sure you make the most of this time to connect with your audience who are all potential customers.

And finally don’t forget to follow: