Makers Cornwall ask that all stallholder applicants submit photos of their lovely work to help in our selection process.
The good news is this year you can upload your photos with your application form (instead of emailing us separately – hooray!)

Applications open Monday 1st April, and as photos are such an important part of showing us your business, it’s a good idea to start thinking about them soon.

There are a few things to think about prior to uploading on to the application.

1. Make sure your photos meet the size requirements (see below!).
2. Think about your product photos as an advertisement for you and your business.
3. We would like to see a range of your products, not just the best sellers or top end/bottom end products.
4. Single shot images only please! No collage or composite pictures accepted.
5. Use well lit, clear photos with natural lighting. Like a shop window, make them goooooorgeous!

We will require four images, one of your stall setup (if you haven’t got a previous event photo, do a mock up in your home/studio and photograph that, or even sketch it out) and three product images.

All your photos need to be 1200×1200 pixels. Any bigger than that and your image will be too big to load on the application form. There are many free online photo editing apps that enable you to resize photos.
Later on, we may ask a few successful applicants for higher resolution photos for publicity purposes.

If you are unsure of how to go about resizing your images, ask a friend, have a Google or have a look on the Makers Cornwall Facebook group (there is a wealth of knowledge within the group, and the question will definitely have been asked before!).

Here is an example of how your application list of images should look like when the image files are named correctly:

Happy snapping, Makers!